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Covid Updates

By SYH, 09/30/20, 10:15PM EDT


Covid-19 Updates (Return To The Rink, Masks, etc.)

We wanted to share a few things that are important to be aware of with the approach of the 2020/21 hockey season.

As you can imagine, while hockey life will be incredibly fun for the upcoming season, there will be some new procedures and requirements to be aware of. This will not be unlike many other facets of life we are all learning to get used to.

We will provide updates on specifics of how the season will go very soon. For now we wanted to get a few resources in front of you as prep for the impending start later in October.

Masks.....Yup. As of now these are required for all players even while playing. This may change, but as of now they will need to be worn at all times. We are providing some helpful information about what masks are acceptable and links to places to purchase. Again, this is what we know now. This could change. Let's hope.

CCM - 'Game On Hockey Face Mask' -- Currently this product is acceptable because it is a type of cloth covering, although not available until Oct. 1 - However, it is under further review  
Bauer - 'Concept 3 Full Face Shield with Concept 3 Splash Guard' - Currently NOT acceptable and I do not anticipate that changing, without a change to the Masking guidelines - generally speaking, it's not acceptable because it does not have a cloth section to catch/absorb the particles from your breath 
Cloth Masks/Gators/Buffs/N95s/Disposable Medical Masks -- ALL of these are acceptable for the foreseeable future
Next up. Return To The Rink plans. While we wish that all rinks were following the exact same procedures, there are some differences out there and we will share those for the individual organization rinks as the season approaches. For now you can check out this link from USA HOCKEY Player Safety that has loads of information and resources as we all adjust to hockey in 2020/21. We will post our own "Return To The Rink" plan very soon.
You can also read our own initial Return To The Rink statement here:
Stay tuned for more. Thanks very much for your patience and we will see you all soon.
SYH Board