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Winter Carnival Details and Rules

2022 Winter Carnival Tournament Update

We are looking forward to hosting the 2022 Stowe Winter Carnival Tournament this season December 9-11 2022 for 10U, 12U and 14U players.

NOTE: All tournament divisions are full for 2022.

For questions or information please contact Tournament Director Andrew Kneale at

SWC Details and Rules

The Stowe Winter Carnival Youth Hockey Tournament is a FUN tournament for teams throughout New England that play at similar competitive levels.


Tournament Dates:


December 9-11 , 2022

Facebook Page:

  • Live game scoring and updates posted

  • Photos and info posted

Tournament Rules

  • All games will be 3 periods. Time of periods for each age group will be:
  • 10U: 10-minute periods
  • 12U: 12-minute periods
  • 14U: 15-minute periods
  • This is a USA Hockey and VSAHA sanctioned Tournament
  • All players and coaches must be USA hockey registered
  • No checking at the 10U and 12U age group
  • If there is a five (5) goal differential at any time during the 3rd period of any game, including championship games, the remainder of the game will be running time. Should the goal differential go back to four (4) goals, the game will go back to stop time. The tournament director may implement run time at any time during a game if the games are running behind. Clock will stop for penalties regardless of goal differential.
  • Each team is guaranteed 3 (3) games.
  • A 1-minute time-out per team is allowed in Championship game only.
  • Each team must be prepared to provide proof of age for any of its players upon request.
  • Each team must supply an adult to run their penalty box.
  • No protests will be tolerated.
  • Pre-game warm-ups will be three (3) minutes long.
  • Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before scheduled game time.
  • There will be no overtime during any game.
  • Any player or coach that receives a Game Misconduct or Match penalty he/she must sit out their next game. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Players receiving 4 penalties in a game will be ejected from the game and subject to review by the tournament committee
  • Players ejected from 2 games at any time in the tournament will be automatically ejected from the tournament
  • Any players penalized for fighting will suspended from the tournament
  • The tournament committee will have final say on any decision that needs to be addressed.
  • USA Hockey rules will apply.
  • There will be no more than a six (6) goal difference in any game. Example: score is 12-3 will be recorded as 9-3
  • Any verbal or physical abuse to officials by spectators will result in ejection from the arena and a 2-minute unsportsmanlike penalty to the team responsible for the spectator
  • There will be two points awarded for a win, one point awarded for a tie, and 0 points awarded for a loss.
  • If two or more teams are tied at the end of the round robin, the following will determine the standings:
  • f two teams are tied, head to head will be the first tie breaker. If more than two teams are tied, we will use the below tie breakers:
  • In the event that three teams are tied and one team has won against the other 2 teams the team that has won against the 2 others shall advance. Other tie breakers will include:
    • Most games won
    • Goal differential (+/-) with no more than a 6 goal differential for any game allowed
    • Least goals against
    • Most goals for
    • Least number of penalty minutes in round robin play
    • Coin toss

If there is a tie at the end of regulation time during the championship or consolation game, then the following rules will apply:

  • A 5 minute 4 on 4 sudden death overtime period will be played. If after the 5-minute period there is no winner there will be the following:
    • A shoot out with three players from each team. The team that scores the most goals in the shoot out wins. The “home” team will have the choice to shoot first or second.
  • If a tie persists, one shot per each team until there is a winner.

Penalty Minute Guideline:

Period Length




10 Minutes 10U

1 Minute

3 Minutes

6 Minutes

12 Minutes 12U

1 Minutes

3 Minutes

6 Minutes

15 Minutes 14U

1.5 Minutes

4 Minutes

8 Minutes



Code of Conduct:

It is the intent of Stowe Youth Hockey to provide a fun and competitive tournament for all of the participants and all of the spectators. Games can and should be competitive and hard fought, but also fun and clean. Good Sportsmanship is expected of all participants. Improper and abusive behavior will not be tolerated from players OR fans!

It is the responsibility of each coach to control his team, team parents and exemplify good sportsmanship. Officials and Tournament Officials have the right to discipline and/or eject anyone upon their discretion, up to and including using security officials and police.

We rarely have any real issues, but we watch everything closely and teams with difficult, aggressive, or belligerent players, coaches, or fans will be blacklisted from future participation. This is YOUTH hockey and is about the players.