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Register with USA Hockey as a Volunteer

In order to complete Safe Sport training, necessary in order to become a locker room monitor, parents must first register as a volunteer with USA Hockey. This is free and will provide you with a USA Hockey number. Select "Ice Managers/Volunteers" and then "Register Now" to begin the process.

Safe Sport Training

The USA Hockey SafeSport Program is an online training/education available to help volunteers become aware of the information necessary to help prevent abuse from occurring in our sport. We are pleased to announce that all USA Hockey registered coaches, officials, employees and volunteers are entitled to take the training at no cost. The training was produced by the United States Olympic Committee and is comprised of short video segments that take approximately 90 minutes to complete, however, not all training needs to be completed in one session. The SafeSport Training needs to be completed before each season.

Information for New Hockey Parents

Equipment Provided by Stowe Youth Hockey

  • 2 game jerseys per player
    Jerseys are on loan for the season, and must be returned at season’s end. Jerseys must be washed and hung up to dry, NOT put in a clothes dryer. Jersey numbers will be determined based upon seniority within the team
  • 1 practice jersey per player
    Practice jerseys are loaned out for the entirety of the season and should be returned at the end of the season. Each age group will wear different colors.
  • NOTE: Game jerseys and hockey socks are not to be worn for practices.

Other Equipment Needed

  • Skates
  • Shin Guards
  • Hockey Socks
  • Hockey Pants (or a girdle and shell)
  • Jock Shorts/Strap and Cup Protector (with velcro tabs for hockey socks)
  • Elbow Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Neck Protector
  • Helmet
  • Mouth Guard
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Stick
  • Jersey–Practice or Game
  • EXTRA pair skate laces

Optional Equipment Supplies:

  • Water Bottle with long straw to fit thru face-mask
  • 2 Towels–one for player, one for equipment
  • Stick Tape
  • Scissors
  • Skate key for lace tightening
  • Skate blade covers/protectors
  • Screwdriver for equipment adjustments (most often phillips head screws for helmets)
  • Backup Stick for Games
  • Skate Socks (thin)

Suggestions and Tips for New Hockey Parents

The single most important element in a successful season is a positive and realistic attitude from both players and parents. Youth hockey is supposed to be about fun, learning, and skill development.
It is not only about winning, and SYH will not tolerate poor sportsmanship.

The second most important element in a successful season is arriving early enough before practice or game time.

  • A MINIMUM of 30 minutes prior is a good target for most players.
  • Players need time to get dressed, skates tied, and be prepared.
  • Scrambling around and being late wastes valuable ice time.

A rolling hockey bag with wheels is very helpful for all the equipment needed. Teach your child to pull/carry their own bag and to maintain, clean, and dry their equipment after each practice/game and at home. Nothing smells as bad as sweaty hockey equipment left in the bag! Rinse it off, and leave it out to dry.

Get at least 2 practice jerseys, one light/white and one dark and bring both to practices. This enables coaches to divide up groups for practice.

Always bring both your home and away jersey to games because some opponents will only have one.

Hockey sticks need to be the correct length for the player and this should be checked each year as the player grows. The stick should be at the players chin with their skates on or at their eyes in street shoes.

  • It’s a good idea to have a practice stick and a game stick.
  • Junior sticks should not have a large curve.
  • State-of-the-art composite sticks aren’t necessary or even helpful for younger players.
  • Teach your child to bring TWO sticks to each game.

Skate key/lace puller/tighteners will save your fingers. They are available at Stowe Arena and local stores.

Jock shorts with velcro tabs for the hockey socks are much easier to deal with than a hockey garter

Local Sporting Good Stores/Sources:

PowerPlay Sports (New & Used)
64 Portland St
Morrisville, VT
(802) 888-6557

Play It Again Sports (New & Used)
150 Dorset St, South Burlington, VT
(802) 865-3021
M-F 10-8
Sat 9-7
Sun 11-5

Thygesen Sports (New & Used)
51 Smith St Barre, VT
(802) 479-2105

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Maple Tree Place Shopping Center
1355 Maple Tree Place (Taft Corners)
Williston, VT 05495
M-F 930-9
Sat 9-930
Sun 10-7

Kevin Smith Sports Connection
1174 Williston Rd,
South Burlington, VT
(802) 658-0848
M-F 10-7
Sat 9-5
Sun 11-4

Parent Responsibilities
Each team has a team manager who is responsible for coordinating team activities and assigning/delegating parent jobs which will rotate each week.

For each home game, we need

  • a scorekeeper
  • a timekeeper
  • two penalty box manager(s)
  • a game wrap report article writer

Road games only need an article writer.

It’s a team by team decision, but it’s usually pretty easy for the scorekeeper to write the article for the website/Stowe Reporter since they have to pay attention to the details of the game

Scorekeeper/Game Reports

  • The home team is responsible for keeping the official game report (scoresheet)
  • The refs will check in with you and provide their info. They will need to sign the Game Report after the game.
  • The visiting team will supply their roster.
  • Game Reports are provided at the game.
  • Scorekeeper tracks and records goals, penalties, final score.
  • The referee will tell the scorekeeper this info as it occurs.
  • Visiting team coach signs and gets a copy of the Game Report.
  • Home team coach signs and gets a copy of the Game Report.


  • Runs the game clock.
  • There is an instruction manual in the officials box
  • Mostly stopping and starting the clock and blowing the horn as needed.

Penalty Box Manager(s)

  • This varies depending on the age level, but essentially it’s simply attending the box and opening the door to let players in and out for penalties.
  • Older leagues need one for each side.
  • U-8 can combine with other job due to few penalties.

Game Article Writer

  • One parent is responsible for writing a BRIEF article on the game, noting goals scored, quality plays, and game results.
  • U-8 writers should try to get each kids name in the report somewhere, while older teams can cover the details more specifically.
  • The article should be submitted to the Stowe Reporter

Parent News and Info

Stowe Youth Hockey News