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Ramsey Hoehn

Head Coach

Phone: 802.238.4442

John Wykoff

Assistant Coach

Andrew Kneale

Assistant Coach

Pete Teubert

Team Manager / Team Scheduler

Recent Stowe Youth 6U News

mouth and neck guards and updates

By Pete Teubert 11/05/2019, 5:30pm EST

Hello everyone!

The coaches wanted to reach out to all of you and share our concerns regarding mouth and neck guards. Many of you are new to the sport and don't know of all the ins and outs. Neck and mouth guards should be part of every players required equipment. It's the little things that will keep our players safe in this sport. If you haven't added these two items to your already daunting list of equipment, please pick up both. The mouth guards preferred are ones that connect to the helmet. I have bought several for my little one for just one season of youth hockey. I have yet to find a better option, if any of you find something better, please share with all of us!

One last thing, games are starting this weekend. Sunday, 11th, 9:30am. We will have a round robin of goalies. I will start Marit for this weekend and Lawson asked to go second. That leaves only 6 more players that can suit up in goalie pads. If any child really wants to put the pads on, come to me, I will make a list and make sure they get a chance to play the position. 


Winter Carnival News

By Pete Teubert 11/04/2019, 5:30pm EST

Hello 6U Families

The Stowe Winter Carnival is coming up December 6-8th! This event brings in a huge amount of fundraising for our Youth hockey program. Some of you were involved last year and it was a great success.This is a great way to start your volunteering requirements for the upcoming season.

 A brief rundown on what entails. Several teams of different ages from New England states all play in a tournament here at the rink starting Friday December 6th and ending Sunday, the 8th. No, our little U-6 team will not be involved but we ask that one parent from each player donate one "slot" of their time over the weekend. During that time much help is needed to man the volunteer slots. Slots include time keeper, penalty box, score keeper, and raffle volunteers. Working the areas involved with the game seem intimidating, but trust me, you will get the hang of it quite quickly, and so much fun to participate! Helping out in the lobby is also useful if you would rather stay clear of the action.  Attached to this email is a google sheets document that is the sign up sheet. Sign up early to pick the best times that may work for you schedule. Click on the link below:  

This afternoon before or after practice, come see me. We have envelopes filled with 50/50 raffle tickets for each child on the U-6 team. These are for presale before the tournament begins and your child should sell all of their tickets. More will be available if you run out. Give the envelopes back to me before the tournament begins. 

This year our U-6 team is in charge of building a gift basket that will be raffled off during the tournament weekend. I am currently working on a theme but know that we ask each family donate between $15 and $25 or come up with something fun that will be added to the basket.

Lastly, if anyone out there that has a friend of a friend, or yourself that can donate BIG ticket items that we may be able to raffle off, have them come see me! I cannot stress enough how important this weekend can bring in large amounts of money to help out the whole Stowe Youth Hockey program. We need your support in making this this tournament a huge success! Thank you for all your help.


PS - Don't forget! Our first big game of the season starts Sunday, November 10th at 9:30am. Have your child ready at the rink no later than 9:00am. Its going to be busy, the U-8 teams will be there as well. We will play Northfield in the center of the ice, with two U-8 games going on at the same time. 


By Pete Teubert 09/14/2019, 1:45pm EDT

Hello Families,

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as the team manager and scheduler for the Stowe U-6 Mite team. Some of you are new to this season and a bunch of us (including me) have kids rejoining the Stowe Youth Hockey for a second season as U-6 Mites. 

The practice schedule has been posted on the SYH web site. But if you were unaware, practice starts Tuesday, October 15 at 5 PM. Weekly practice schedule is Tuesdays 5pm-6pm and Wednesdays 4:15-5:15pm. All the kids (both U-8 and U-6) will be on the ice at the same time, grouped by head coach Graham Mink. Coach Ramsey and Coach John will be in charge of the U-6 Mites this year. Also, take advantage of Stick and Puck time at the ice rink. Here is a link to the Stowe Arena web site for ice time. 

Please have your children at the rink half an hour before they are to be on the ice. Getting them suited up takes time, especially for the parents figuring out where everything goes. A standard equipment list would be as follows: skates, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, shin guards, jersey, socks, stick, and helmet. A mouth guard is a good idea for them to have, so they get used to feel, but you will find that most of the time they wont need it.  If you need equipment, please visit the ice rink and look for Tony Whittaker, he should be able to help you find the missing gear you may need. Also, check out the local sporting good stores, most will have a used section of every size needed.

A tentative schedule is attached for the upcoming season. This schedule is not finalized yet. It would be nice to receive feedback from all of you regarding how far we are all willing to travel. If we don't take advantage of some away games, the group will only play five home games. 

Please be in touch with the schedule and away games. Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the rink this season!

Pete Teubert

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